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2023 SADSAA Tournament Calendar

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21th February 2023 SADSAA Special General Meeting Zoom SADSAA
27th February 2023 NDSAA Prize Giving The Lazy Moose NDSAA
3rd February 2023 Capping Ceremony for Team Egypt Durban Skiboat Club Team
4th February 2023 Capping Ceremony for Team Miami Shelly Beach Skiboat Club Team
9th – 11th February 2022 2023 Indian Ocean Classic 10 000 Sodwana Bay Pretoria DSHK
13th – 18th February 2023 El Gouna International El Goana, Egypt Protea
2nd – 5th March 2023 SADSAA Gamefish Interprovincial Pennington PSBC
2nd – 5th March 2023 SADSAA Billfish Interprovincial Richards Bay RBSBC
8th – 12th March 2022 Cape to Rio Cape Vidal Amatikulu SBC
15th – 18th March 2023 Mapelane Billfish Invitational Maphelane MSBC
16th – 19st March 2023 Blue Marlin Open Kenya Protea
20th – 24th March 2023 SGDSAA Rosebowl Interclub Sodwana Bay SGDSAA
20th – 25th March 2023 SADSAA Bottomfish Nationals Kenton-on- Sea Diaz
25th – 26th March 2023 Umlalazi Couta Classic Umlalazi Umlalazi
29th – 31st March 2023 IGFA Light Tackle Tournament Miami Protea
3rd – 5th April 2023 Sodwana Gamefish Competition Sodwana Bay SSK
5th – 8th April 2023 SADSAA Junior Gamefish Interprovincial Umhlanga USBC
14th -16th April 2023 Tuna Masters Hout Bay ABC
21st April 2023 SADSAA Council Meeting
22nd – 29th April 2023 Gordon’s Bay Offshore Classic Gordon’s Bay GBBAC
25th -28th April 2023 SADSAA Tuna Interprovincial Millers Point Cape Boat
25th -30th April 2023 Tuna Challenge 2023 St Francis PSFSB
29th April -1st May 2023 Durban Ski Boat Club Couta Festival Durban DSBC
1st – 5th May 2023 Sodwana Marlin Invitational Sodwana Bay SSK
5th  – 7th May 2023 SADSAA All Stars Durban DSBC
8th – 12th May 2023 SADSAA All Inland Sodwana Bay MDSAA
12th – 14th May 2023 Shelly Beach Interclub Shelly Beach SBSBC
15th – 20th May 2023 SADSAA Tuna Nationals Hout Bay ABC
18th – 20th May 2023 Mapelane Trophy Maphelane MSBC
28th May – 2nd June 2023 SADSAA Gamefish Nationals Mapelane Mapelane
4th – 9th June 2023 Guinjata Bonanza Guinjata Bay Guinjata
10th June 2023 Capping Ceremony for ILTTA Panama Nomads Club House Team
12th – 17th June 2023 71st Ernest Hemingway International Billfish Cuba Protea
12th – 18th June 2023 Mapelane Game Fish Challenge Maphelane MSBC
14th – 17th June 2023 SADSAA 4kg Light Tackle Interprovincial WPDSAA
17th – 23th June 2023 ILTTA Panama Protea
27th Jun – 2nd Jul 2023 SADSAA Junior Gamefish Nationals Shelly Beach SBSBC
30th June – 2nd July 2023 21 Species Richards Bay MSSBC
30th June – 4th July 2023 IGFA Mediterranean Championship Italy Protea
4th – 8th July 2023 SADSAA Bottomfish Interprovincial Kleinbaai OBC
4th – 8th July 2023 Shelly Beach Tuna Bonanza Shelly Beach SBSBC
7th – 8th July 2023 EFSA European Species  Championship Weymouth Protea
10th – 13th July 2023 SADSAA Junior Bottomfish Interprovincial Durban DSBC
12th – 15th July 2023 Tuna Interprovincial Shelly Beach SBSBC
13th – 15th July 2023 Mapelane Junior Interclub Maphelane MSBC
2nd – 5th August 2023 SADSAA All Coastal Interprovincial Richards Bay RBSBC
12th – 13th August 2023 Abbott van Rooyen Memorial Snoek Derby St Lucia SLSBC
5th – 13th August 2023 HIBT Hawaii Protea
21st – 28th August 2023 San Juan IBT Puerto Rico Protea
1st – 2nd September 2023 Queen of the Ocean Ladies Competition St Lucia SLSBC
16th – 23rd September 2023 EFSA Boat and Line Championship Ireland Protea
2nd – 6th October 2023 SADSAA Junior Bottomfish Nationals Durban DSBC
9th – 13th October 2023 SADSAA Light Tackle Billfish Interprovincial Sodwana Bay NGDSAA
20th – 21st October 2023 12 x 12 Species Competition St Lucia SLSBC
20th October 2023 SADSAA Council Meeting
4th – 5th November 2023 Tuna Derby Hout Bay ABC
Weather alternative dates: 11th-12th Nov, 18th-19th Nov
6th – 10th November 2023 OET Game & Bill Fish Tournament Sodwana MDSAA
13th – 18th November 2023 Billfish 15000 Sodwana DSBC
20th – 24th November 2023 SADSAA Light Tackle Billfish Nationals Sodwana MDSAA
20th – 24th November 2023 SADSAA Heavy Tackle Billfish Nationals Sodwana MDSAA