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South Africa Deep Sea Angling Association

In 1957, an organization named the South African Game Fish Association (SAGFA) was formed and catered mainly for anglers fishing from larger game fishing boats in South African waters. At that stage SAGFA had six Provincial bodies and two clubs, the S.A. Marlin and Tuna Club – Simonstown and the Natal Rod & Reel Club – Durban who, as founder members, enjoyed full Provincial status.

In October 1958, the South African Ski Boat Angling Association (SASBAA) was formed in the Turfontein Hotel, Johannesburg in the presence of Dave Brunt, Basil Ashington, Leo Rossetenstein and Alf Jones. Alf is still living today. This name was subsequently changed to the S.A. Ski-Boat Light Tackle Game Fishing Association (SASBLTGFA). The name change was the result of the very futuristic vision that (a) Light Tackle was identified as a conservation method and (b) game fish, in being pelagic, was less threatened than bottom fish. This was during the time when South Africa’s 200 mile Economic Zone came into being and it was considered merely a matter of time before a ripple effect would also affect the near- shore areas as we are now experiencing.

After a period of extended negotiations between SAGFA and SASBLTGFA the two organizations amalgamated in 1988 when and the name was once again changed to the present South African Deep Sea Angling Association (SADSAA).

SADSAA is internationally affiliated to the European Federation of Sea Anglers (EFSA) and to the Federation Internationalle de Peche Sportive en Mer (FIPS-M) through its membership to the S.A. Federation of Sport & Sea Angling.