• Provides for their member bodies to represent them at SADSAA.
  • Provides for members to represent their Province annually on an inter-provincial level as well as on a national level.
  • Provides for members to be selected for SADSAA colours prior to being selected for Protea colours.
  • Provides through I.G.F.A. for members to apply for internationally acclaimed world records.
  • Provides for members to have access to the All Africa records.
  • Provides anglers selected on a national and international (Protea) level with a small percentage of sponsorship from our Springbok fund.
  • Provides the members with suitably qualified selectors to attend all nationals to help with the selection / improvement and development of future Protea anglers.
  • Provides the guidelines for safety regulations for all the member skippers.
  • Provides through qualified instructors the resources to obtain skippers tickets and seaworthy tickets for their members.
  • Provides the training for all safety Officers.
  • Employs paid appointed Specialists working for the members of SADSAA when necessary.
  • Provides for its members, government representation, at all levels.
  • Provides a two page write up six times a year in the Ski-Boat magazine that 90% of the members of SADSAA subscribe to.dT68kjET9
  • Provides guidelines for member bodies on the running of their Provinces and in turn the Provinces to the clubs etc.
  • Provides the members with a website updated by the Office Bearers of SADSAA.
  • Provides all clubs with a newsletter from the SADSAA P.R.O. updating them with matters.
  • Provides the members with the infrastructure for contesting matters relating to angling / ski boating etc. E.G. 4×4 banning on beaches, Fishing licences, Bag limits imposed by the Government etc.
  • Provides the junior angler to represent his/her Province nationally with annual U16 and U19 National Championship tournaments.
  • Provides the opportunity for PDI’s to join and partake in the sport at all levels.
  • Provides the opportunity for women to compete and be recognised on the same level and ability as men for Provincial, National and Protea levels.
  • SADSAA is a member of ILTA, EFSA and FIPS which provides opportunities for members and clubs to compete internationally on all levels.
  • Provides all members and member bodies with a Safety Officer, Environmental Officer, Records Officer, Development Officer, Public Relations Officer, Tournaments Officer (both international and local), a Secretary and Treasurer to see to the needs of all member bodies and their members.
  • Most of all SADSAA provides the opportunity to each and every member to belong to a locally and internationally highly respected and motivated associated.

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